Stargate: Atlantis – Remnants

“Remnants” is episode fifteen of season five of Stargate: Atlantis.

Colonel Sheppard has flown a couple of scientists to the mainland and volunteered to stay with them – because one of them is pretty and female – when he is shot and stunned. When he wakes up he is tied up and the controls of the Jumper have been trashed.

It turns out that the Genii Commander Acastus Kolya, who was killed in “Irresponsible” is not as dead as was thought – and he wants some serious revenge.

Mr. Wolsey is due for his performance evaluation and is rather nervous about it. Zelenka wants Rodney to allow him to investigate the planet’s oceans, and Rodney reluctantly agrees.

There are three main strands to this episode; what Rodney and Zelenka find in the ocean, Mr. Wolsey and the IOA and Kolya’s. These start merging at the end of the episode.

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