Stargate: Atlantis – Inquisition

“Inquisition” is episode thirteen of season five of Stargate: Atlantis.

Colonel Sheppard’s team has been invited to attend a meeting of the leaders of a coalition of human planets. This is a subterfuge, as the team are gassed and taken prisoner.

The Atlantean expedition is being held responsible for the deaths of over two million humans in the Pegasus galaxy, and Sheppard’s teams are the ones being tried for it. If the team is found guilty, the city will start losing trading partners and Sheppard’s team will be exiled.

Whilst Sheppard’s team are giving evidence, Mr. Wolsey is trying to find where they disappeared to.

Unfortunately, how the defence of the team’s actions is done is by showing clips from previous episodes, dating back to the very first. Yes, this is a flashback episode – a substantial chunk of it is just repeating bits of previous episodes, rather than creating an entire new one.

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