Heroes Reborn – Odessa

“Odessa” is episode two of season one of Heroes Reborn.

In the previous episode, “Brave New World”, Noah Bennet had found The Haitian and the latter had tried to kill him. Apparently, on Bennet’s own instructions, as well as having tampered with his memory. Bennet bails the conspiracy theorist, Quentin Frady, out from police custody and the two go to the destroyed Primatech facility in Odessa to recover Bennet’s old records. There, they discover more than they expected.

Carlos Gutierrez discovered that his brother, Oscar, was the masked vigilante El Vengador after the latter was ambushed and shot. Now, Oscar is dead, and he asked Carlos to carry on his work. So he now looks into what Oscar was actually doing.

In Japan, after hearing Ren Shimosawa telling her about Evernow and the character she supposedly is in the game, Miko Otomo went into her father’s study and found the katana, just like Ren told her. When she drew it, somehow she actually ended up inside the computer game. Ren finds her inside it and helps from the outside, as Miko has apparently found her father in the game. Rather weird.

Tommy, the only survivor of Luke and Joanne Collins’ attack on the church, sent the latter two away somewhere when they approached him. They have found themselves inside a very secure room apparently aimed at children with some heavy duty walls. The mysterious man with the one cent pieces is also watching Tommy. Tommy learns where things he teleports away with his powers go.

A new Evo is playing craps, but it looks like he’s tampering with how the dice roll. Which causes problems.

Noah is looking for a specific Evo, but he’s not the only one. There looks to be at least one other party looking for her too.

Lots of plot threads here; perhaps a couple too many.

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