Farscape – Look at the Princess Part 3: The Maltese Crichton

“Look at the Princess Part 3: The Maltese Crichton” is episode thirteen of season two of Farscape.

In the previous episode, “Look at the Princess Part 2: I Do, I Think”, Crichton had, despite his preferences, gone through with the wedding to the princess. As a result of that, both of them had, immediately after the ceremony, been turned into statues. No normal wedding night for them then.

The prince (brother-in-law?) is not happy, and the Scarran chops the Crichton’s statue’s head off. Which doesn’t immediately kill him (he is currently a statue after all, not breathing; it would probably have been significantly more inconvenient if Crichton had been a regular person at the time), but they then attempt to destroy the head (which you know isn’t going to work, or will be stopped – and it is, by Scorpius).

Moya had met a representative of the Builders, the race that made the Leviathans intelligent, and said Builder had decided she needed decommissioning, thanks to her ability to give birth to armed offspring. Decommissioning isn’t quite the same when the starship being taken out of service is actually alive.

What that thing that screws directly into Scorpius’s brain is finally revealed. It’s surprising he can think – he doesn’t really look to have a lot of room in his head for brains, given how large the device is.

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