Eureka – Smarter Carter

“Smarter Carter” is episode nine of season five of Eureka.

During the previous episode, “In Too Deep”, Carter and Allison got married by Henry whilst they were mostly submerged in water inside the mobile lab. Now, Allison’s brother Marcus is coming to town, and Kevin says that Marcus is prejudiced against what Kevin calls ‘dumb people.’ Carter is nowhere near as smart as everyone else in Eureka. His talents lie elsewhere.

Except now he is. Carter reads Marcus’s book in a night, and not only understands it, finds the errors in it. He’s not only become smarter, he’s now one of the smartest people in Eureka – which leads to some unfortunate consequences when an upgrade to deputy Andy goes a bit wrong.

Meanwhile, Holly is trying to get Zane and Henry to build her a new body.

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