Doctor Who – The Woman Who Lived

“The Woman Who Lived” is episode six of season nine of the new Doctor Who.

A highwayman known as the Nightmare is robbing a carriage in England in 1651, only to be rudely interrupted by the Doctor. As a consequence, the carriage leaves without the highwayman, or the Doctor, getting what they were after. The latter had been tracking some alien technology, having left Clara behind.

The highwayman is actually a highwaywoman – Ashildir, from the previous episode, “The Girl Who Died”. The alien technology that the Doctor used to bring her back to life has also apparently made her immortal, and she’s still alive 800 years later.

Ashildir has been rather badly affected by her immortality. She finds it difficult to really care for anyone, and has forgotten much. She was also after the alien technology, for a compatriot of hers. Ashildir wants the Doctor to take her away from Earth to somewhere new.

A rather different and more thought-provoking episode, with quite a lot of conversation between the Doctor and Ashildir on the perils of immortality, of losing everyone you know and care for, but keeping on going yourself, and how it can seriously affect your outlook on life – especially for someone who was never prepared for it.

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