Andromeda – Time Out of Mind

“Time Out of Mind” is episode twenty of season four of Andromeda.

The Eureka Maru is picking up some Wayists, when two of them shoot a third – rather unusual behaviour for Wayists to say the least. It turns out that none of them were Wayists; the attackers were creatures of the Abyss and the dead man, Wezlow, was a Collector – of the original, preserving knowledge type, not the power hungry Pish type – and someone Beka knew.

The Andromeda Ascendant goes to a planet that was supposedly destroyed by a meteorite (would have to be a really, really big one) but which is intact and has a huge archive in it. Wezlow had left something there for Beka to find, something to help against the Abyss, but the agents of the Abyss are after it too.

Beka has to relive some experiences from her childhood in virtual reality, which is made harder by the attacks by the Abyss’s agents.

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