Andromeda – The Risk-All Point

“The Risk-All Point” is episode thirteen of season three of Andromeda.

Dylan, Tyr and Beka are heading in the Eureka Maru to the commissioning ceremony of the Crimson Sunrise, the first new High Guard ship produced by the Commonwealth in over 300 years. The new ship may be more powerful than the Andromeda Ascendant (and why aren’t they going in the latter to such an important event?).

Nietzschean ships are spotted on their way, leading to worries that there may be problems. Then, as the Maru is talking to the captain of the Crimson Sunrise, things go wrong, and it explodes. Looks like the Andromeda isn’t obsolete after all.

The Maru has to collect the escape pods. It looks like the Sunrise was sabotaged, so suspicion falls on the Nietzschean crew members. Well, they are not exactly trusted by everyone. Dylan and Tyr both find the, female, Nietzschean first officer of the Sunrise quite impressive.

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