Andromeda – The Illusion of Majesty

“The Illusion of Majesty” is episode nineteen of season three of Andromeda.

The Andromeda Ascendant has problems in the slipstream, coming out in the Prolon system; a system that is apparently used as a dumping ground for toxic waste and is filled with it. A toxic waste dump – in space. So much so that the natives use concentrated waste as ship weapons, visibility is limited, and if the Andromeda fires at anything, the entire system could catch fire. Not sure on the logic of that, but it would be bad if it happened.

They come across an escape pod carrying an attractive woman. So, naturally, Dylan decides they have to rescue her. He seems to have gotten past the loss of his fiancée.

The woman is a bit of a con artist who has convinced various local factions she is different things – a living goddess and a royal princess. She is also wanted by the law.

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