Stargate SG-1 – Unending

“Unending” is episode twenty of season ten of Stargate SG-1, the season finale and the final episode of the series, although there are two straight-to-DVD movies, The Ark of Truth and Continuum, set after this.

General Landry and SG-1 are heading to the Asgard homeworld on the Odyssey – the Asgard haven’t been seen at all since one of their ships helped in the failed attempt to stop the Ori invasion in “Camelot”. There, Thor tells them that the Asgard are going to give Earth all their technology.

This is because the Asgard are dying as a race, something I knew from the Stargate: Atlantis episodes “First Contact” and “The Lost Tribe” (it really helps to see things in the correct order). It just took a lot longer to get to this point than I expected. It seems that there’s a limit to how often you can be cloned.

Three Ori ships turn up and the Asgard destroy themselves and their world. The Odyssey manages to take out two of them, using Asgard technology – and how come the Asgard ship in “Camelot” wasn’t as effective? – but the third is going to destroy them. So Carter puts the Odyssey into a time dilation field. For five decades. Bit of an oops moment.

Once again, there’s ample demonstration of the fact that they still can’t realistically age people with make-up.

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