Stargate SG-1 – Spirits

“Spirits” is episode thirteen of season two of Stargate SG-1.

An expedition to a new planet has discovered a new ore, trinium, which has some useful properties.

The team that discovered it hasn’t reported back. When the stargate does open, instead of SG-11 returning, an arrow is instead shot through the gate which hits O’Neill.

The arrow is Native American in design, although of advanced design, being forged of trinium. The natives are protected by unseen spirits, who seem to have objected to SGC starting a mining operation without permission.

The natives don’t want Stargate Command mining on their planet, but the NID want to take the ore anyway. There are comments about history repeating itself by doing this.

It looks like there may have been an error in this episode. SGC got the message that SG-11 was returning before the stargate had even opened. In other words, before there was a method of actually getting the message.

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