Stargate: Atlantis – Infection

“Infection” is episode seventeen of season five of Stargate: Atlantis.

The Atlanteans had previously come up with a gene therapy that would stop the Wraith from needing to feed on humans and offered it to Todd the Wraith. During the events of “First Contact” and “The Lost Tribe” Todd thought that he had been betrayed by the Atlanteans after two of his ships exploded when they attempted to enter hyperspace after the newly discovered Asgard activated a Lantean device.

Now a Wraith hive ship has approached Atlantis and a scrambled message is received from Todd asking for help. When the team approach the hive ship in a Jumper they discover there are no life signs, suggesting that all the crew is in hibernation. It turns Todd has treated himself and his entire crew with the gene therapy, however the therapy has had an unknown side effect and is killing the Wraith.

Should the team try and help Todd or not? They decide to help Todd, and end up being stuck on a malfunctioning, infected hiveship with a randomly changing layout and starving Wraith popping out of hibernation and trying to eat people.

Being trapped on an alien ship with dangerous aliens popping out all over the place? This could have been a lot creepier, if they’d been influenced more by Alien.

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