Eureka – O Little Town…

“O Little Town…” is episode ten of season four of Eureka.

It’s Christmas in Eureka, and the town is snow bound. When Carter visits Cafe Diem, he finds out that this hasn’t made some of the kids happy, as their plans have all been stopped by the snow, so he decides to cheer them up with a story – which doesn’t meet with instant success.

The story is about how he and Zoe were trapped inside Eureka at Christmas when the electromagnetic barrier malfunctioned. This means that, instead of going home, they will be spending Christmas in a rather hot Eureka.

A sleigh is seen flying over the town, before it crashes. It’s actually being piloted by Taggart, who, as part of his newly created discipline of Santaology, has decided to replicate everything Santa can do – by using science.

Meanwhile, a Secret Santa is proving to be picking ideal gifts for everyone, and an experiment by Dr. Noah Drummer – who no-one has heard of and who seems like he might possibly be a famous person – is threatening to destroy the town.

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